Acrylic/Starboard Plastic Doors

Sometimes you might want to forgo the traditional wood finish of a sailboat companionway for something simpler. Cruising Concepts offers a full line of custom made acrylic companionway doors for sailboat upgrades and installations. Hull designs with stainless steel trim often lend themselves to the aesthetics of steel or acrylic features. Cruising Concepts’ acrylic doors combine functionality with a practical design that is both durable and convenient. Our high quality acrylic allows doors to be constructed with a thinner frame, ensuring the maximum amount of lighting for the cabin interior.

All of our acrylic companionway doors are framed in stainless steel and include our high quality hinges, specially installed to limit exposure to the outside elements and to remain mostly concealed, preserving your sailboat’s aesthetic. We use high quality, single-piece black glass in our acrylic doors ensuring satisfactory interior lighting while maintaining privacy inside the cabin. Our full range of door plate and lock options are also available for acrylic door purchases.

Measure carefully according to the charts available on our order form, and you will be enjoying your new acrylic companionway doors on your next voyage!

Few things are more beautiful than a pristine white bulkhead on a sunny day over the blue water. For the boat owner looking to preserve that white shine we offer our custom crafted and personalized starboard plastic companionway doors. Our starboard doors include all the Cruising Concepts’ features such as concealed hinges, owner’s choice of door lock or hasp, and custom window glass measurements. In addition to our standard black glass, starboard doors also include our unique white glass window offer, perfect for keeping that clean white look.

Those looking for a more traditional appearance for their starboard plastic can order our sand/camel colored starboard doors. Our starboard doors can also be designed with drop in screens, custom made at the customer’s request. Cruising Concepts knows the value of your boat, financially and emotionally, and you won’t be disappointed entrusting the design of your companionway doors to us.

CRUISING CONCEPTS EXCELS IN PROVIDING TOP QUALITY COMPANIONWAY DOORS! Whether you choose solid teak, Starboard Plastic, or 1/2″ acrylic with stainless steel teak trim, your companionway doors from Cruising Concepts are designed to give you years of enjoyment.

Our companionway doors can be built for any make of boat. They offer easier access than hatch boards and shed light into the interior through light gray-bronze tinted windows with or without screens. The are made from solid teak, 3/4″ minimum standard, and are mounted with half-hinges allowing doors to be easily removed and stored as needed. The installation kit also includes a hasp, installation tools and instructions.

Cruising Concepts offers a full line of teak sailboat and yacht tables and accessories. For more information about companionway doors, tables, grates & floorboards, handrails, ladders, retrofit windows and other teak and Starboard plastic accessories for your boat, Contact Us.

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How to Order Cruising Concepts accepts orders via email at and by phone at 800.899.3996. Please include a detailed description of your vessel and what kind of doors you want. Custom designs can be discussed directly via phone call.

Inlays For Tables

Artwork Below

  • 8" Compass Rose $375.00
  • 10" Compass Rose $475.00
  • 12" Compass Rose $675.00
  • 18" Compass Rose $995.00
  • 24" Compass Rose $1275.00
  • 4 Point Cardinal $175.00
  • 8 Point Cardinal $350.00
  • Anchor $1600.00
  • Special Designs at 8" $375.00

    Mermaids, Nautilus, Seahorses

  • Ursa Major $300.00
  • Ursa Minor $300.00

    Includes North Star