Interior Boat Tables Gallery

Cruising Concepts started out designing the tables that we wish we’d had on our Catalina. We approach each table order as its own unique package and it’s always a delight for us to tackle our customers’ requests. We also keep extensive records of our previous sailboat upgrades and yacht designs for our portfolio, and if you see a design or image that inspires you, let us know and we can recreate or adjust that pattern exactly as you like it. There are plenty of table options on the market, but a Cruising Concepts custom-designed teak table will improve the quality, versatility, and charm of your sailboat or yacht in a way that no other product can.

Inlays For Tables

Artwork Below

  • 8" Compass Rose $375.00
  • 10" Compass Rose $475.00
  • 12" Compass Rose $675.00
  • 18" Compass Rose $995.00
  • 24" Compass Rose $1275.00
  • 4 Point Cardinal $175.00
  • 8 Point Cardinal $350.00
  • Anchor $1600.00
  • Special Designs at 8" $375.00

    Mermaids, Nautilus, Seahorses

  • Ursa Major $300.00
  • Ursa Minor $300.00

    Includes North Star