Retrofit Windows

Cruising Concepts has a long history of providing sailboat owners with all the sailboat upgrades and modern advances in window installations and retrofitting. Our new boat window kits are suitable for almost any Catalina sailboat model and seamlessly replace old plastic or aluminum framed boat windows. We use acrylic materials for our windows which are designed for reliable performance and a stylish, modern aesthetic, ensuring privacy and adequate lighting in the cabin area. Damage from heat expansion is negated with our acrylic materials, ensuring a very long life for your retrofit sailboat window installation.

The new acrylic windows are secured with durable starboard plastic frames. These 1” frames completely overlap the entire installation and provide a completely leak proof seal. Our specially cut frames are designed for a premium fit over the window to ensure that any temperature changes are accommodated without damaging the material or the seal. Each retrofit kit is shipped with all the required components and instructions for a simple and comprehensive installation. Cruising Concepts guarantees effective performance and modern appeal for all of our retrofit window installations.

All of the quality and care that goes into our new boat windows is equally applied to our recessed window kits. All of the benefits of our durable, leak proof acrylic windows enhance your sailboat with a modern recessed design. Our products are suitable for upgrading older framed windows or repairing existing recessed installations. The fascia and all necessary accessories are included with the kit and the installation is easily performed.

Cruising Concepts’ appealing and functional window productions ensure long lasting and reliable performance while maintaining a modern appearance for your Catalina sailboat. All window frame and pane cuts are exact fits to your boat’s measurements. We ensure that you have a satisfying experience furnishing your vessel with Cruising Concepts’ time-tested products and designs.

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