[vc_row][vc_column][arrowpress_testimonial description=”I love, love, love my doors.” name_author=”Terry Frazier” job_author=”Published March 13th, 2017″][arrowpress_testimonial description=”The doors came and they’re gorgeous, many thanks!…” name_author=”Tim” job_author=”Published June 8th, 2014″][arrowpress_testimonial description=”Perfect fit! Superb craftsmanship. Thank you…” name_author=”Rich Vale” job_author=”Published June 25th, 2014″][arrowpress_testimonial description=”I received the doors and all the accessories in perfect condition. Thank you. The strand board door would not fit properly in its grove, because of the boat imperfections. Geometry is never followed to a “t” anywhere in the world and definitely not by a boat we all believe are of the female gender. I sanded down the left door part which fit in the grove making sure I kept the same radius. I read and reread your instructions and followed them. You have done a great job and form the look of your designs and nuances I could tell you had anticipated all the current issues which could have raised from setting these doors on inclined hinges. Your experiences and professionalism is underlined at every curve of these doors. Thickness of wood and craftsmanship in the details comforted me in choosing you for making these doors. I would be happy to be a source of reference if you need one. It took me 4 hours to do the job , because I wanted the doors to be completely equidistant by one millimeter to each side of the frame. It could be done in two hours. The colors of the wood you pick matches completely the frame. I have no idea how you managed to match the wood based on just one picture. .. Experience and intimate knowledge of the type of wood Catalina uses probably.” name_author=”Pierrick” job_author=”Published March 8th, 2017″][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]